Two friends are hungry on a Friday night and have the following conversation: “Where can we find a really good Portuguese restaurant in X city?”one of them asks, and someone always answers: “Well, why don’t we look up online reviews and ratings for different places nearby?” …And that is how online reviews were born! All jokes aside, online reviews have become an extremely important element of our current society. In fact, 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting any business. Why do we need online reviews? This brings us

What is PlanetRate for Real Estate Agents? PlanetRate is a great way for Real Estate Agents to showcase their skills online and generate additional referral business. Today’s world has changed and consumers now demand more information about the products they buy and the service providers they hire. This includes real estate agents. PlanetRate is a way for consumers to find the right real estate agent for their needs, and it’s a way for real estate agents to objectively demonstrate their ability to add value. According to a True Focus Media study, which

Looking for a great way to show that you value guest feedback and encourage new reviews while still increasing footfall? Get a free PlanetRate sticker for your front door, window or busiest area of your location today by contacting us. Show Off Your Sticker PlanetRate stickers are an important marketing tool to help you attract more customers both online and at your location. More reviews means more confidence in our business! Did you know that 92% of consumers now read online reviews vs. 88% in 2014? Take advantage of the power of online reviews and take your

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