The importance of Online Reviews

Two friends are hungry on a Friday night and have the following conversation: “Where can we find a really good Portuguese restaurant in X city?”one of them asks, and someone always answers: “Well, why don’t we look up online reviews and ratings for different places nearby?”

…And that is how online reviews were born!

All jokes aside, online reviews have become an extremely important element of our current society. In fact, 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting any business.

Why do we need online reviews?

This brings us to the importance of online reviews. Why do we need them? Why are they important?

Consumers like to know that the businesses and services that they will go to, have been reviewed by others. This gives them a sort of confidence that they can rely on others to have honest opinions about items or places, such as hotels, restaurants, movies, etc.

Statistics show that 72% of consumers will be satisfied by simply reading one positive review online. The reason why people would be more inclined to go to a business where the reviews are mostly positive than negative is because… why would we want to get a service from a ‘bad’ business, agreed? Well, studies show that a business may be rated “bad”, but to others it is simply a neutral experience.

Negative reviews are important and can reveal more about a business

Businesses turn negative reviews in positive experiences. It is very important for businesses to answer to their customer’s negative feedback. Businesses reach out to unsatisfied clients to let them know their voice is heard and they will do their best to fix whatever issues the review mentioned.

This shows the unhappy reviewers that their voice is heard and also they can come back to re-visit their business knowing there is someone behind the computer screen 🙂

Just remember, no business is perfect, the most important thing is to know how to improve and fast!

Online reviews are made to be shared by everyone

The reason why online reviews are important in our society is because we rely on them to search for local businesses, international companies, and many other things. By providing online reviews and ratings, you, as a consumer, are allowing other consumers to get feedback on whether you enjoyed your experience at a certain spa, or at a concert, or if you did not… which gives you, the consumer, an honest opinion from another individual.

Online reviews are made to be shared by everyone in the online community and for that reason, we encourage you to rate and review any item of the various different categories that we offer on to let us know what YOUR opinion!

We hope to see you there! 🙂

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