Real Estate Agents Reviews and Ratings Will Attract More Referrals

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What is PlanetRate for Real Estate Agents?

PlanetRate is a great way for Real Estate Agents to showcase their skills online and generate additional referral business. Today’s world has changed and consumers now demand more information about the products they buy and the service providers they hire. This includes real estate agents.

PlanetRate is a way for consumers to find the right real estate agent for their needs, and it’s a way for real estate agents to objectively demonstrate their ability to add value.

According to a True Focus Media study, which is based on responses from 2,500 online home buyers:

62% of online home buyers said if a real estate agent has excellent reviews, they are most likely to contact that agent.


65% of online home buyers said they would leave an online review for a real estate agent if they gave them an excellent service.


Why choose PlanetRate as your partner for online reviews?

Real Estate Agents Reviews and Ratings

Nowadays a lot of people, both buyers and sellers, want to find a trustworthy agent. Finding the right real estate agent is a daunting process and people look for reviews and ratings online to make their decision based on other people’s opinions. It is critical that you have an online presence not just with your website, but also a reviews and ratings presence.

With PlanetRate you can get discovered by buyers and sellers in your area looking for a reliable and experienced professional to help them with their real estate needs.

Buying or selling a home is likely the largest financial decision people make. The right real estate agent can make a huge difference, and people will take the time to research you. They want a real estate professional they can trust. With PlanetRate, you can build a positive and powerful online reputation that will instill trust in future clients seeking out your services.

How can PlanetRate help you?

Our unique platform allows consumers to search for specific agents and by specific areas. You can receive hot leads from active buyers and sellers.

You can create your own business account where you can manage your reviews and ratings from our unique dashboard.

We can help setup your profile and translate it in the other languages that PlanetRate.

We will help you promote your online reputation. PlanetRate can provide you with marketing material which will boost your online reviews. Remember, the most successful real estate agents are those with lots of reviews . It is in your best interest to have your clients review your services.

Proactively use our branded templates to request reviews right from our platform and reach out to clients right upon the firm closing of a transaction.

Rise in Google Rankings. Real estate agents reviews improve your Google rankings and help you even with word of mouth referrals. People want to reconfirm before they hire your services.

You can offer rewards to PlanetRate users to attract them as your clients. Rewards can be from commission discounts to complimentary services. You are in control, you decide!

How much does PlanetRate cost?

Listing yourself as a real estate agent is totally FREE, forever!

Your PlanetRate business account, which gives you access to your own reviews, statistics, rewards and much more, is on us for the first 3 months! We want first to build a strong relationship with you, show you the benefits and the power of online reviews!

Let’s work together, what is next?

  • Create your own PlanetRate profile
  • Add yourself to our Real Estate Agents category, once your account is created
  • Claim your listing!

We are here to help you, so in case you have further questions or you just want to talk to us, you can reach us at or by calling us at 1-438-992-1919.

This article is also available in: French

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